Yam Brief 10: SushiHOUSE

Sushiswap Treasury Diversification, NFT Competition, User Survey, and More!

🍠 Welcome to Yam DAO

Yam Finance is a Decentralised Autonomous Organization building innovative, accessible financial products. All decisions are made by YAM token holders, a passionate and welcoming community working and sharing the rewards together.

Yam is headlining three core products:

🧟 Degenerative.Finance: Innovative synthetic assets built with UMA.
☂️ Umbrella: Broad insurance coverage to keep DeFi users safe.
🏠 DAO House: Treasury diversification solutions for decentralised communities.

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🚀 Growth

Despite the downtrends in crypto markets YAM continued to grow!
There’s now $8.2M locked in Degenerative.Finance

  • Number of Yam Hodlers: 6.9K

  • @yamfinance Twitter Followers: 22.6K

  • Discord members: 8.6K

  • Treasury: $6.9M plus ~$1m in locked $SUSHI rewards

📰 News

Time to get creative Yam Gang! A Cometh spaceship NFT is up for grabs for the best Yam Spaceship design.

There’s a bonus 50 $YAM prize for the the most creative hashtag too!

Community members have already been showing their creative genius, so why not join our Discord to get involved?

  • User Survey

We’re running a survey to better understand how users think about Yam Finance, Yam products, and inform community growth efforts moving forward!

We’d love it if you had 2 minutes to share your thoughts.

🔨 Updates


  • Degen V2 Website Progress From Indigo

  • Video Guides

  • NFT airdrop for $uSTONKS LPs over $10k will be announced shortly!

  • uGASJUN21 currently yielding 125% APR!

  • uGASMAR21 trading at 5% discount!


  • Audit

  • Preparing contract deployment

  • L2 research and development underway

  • Exciting visuals and brand design

DAO House

👥 Community

🗳️ Governance

On-chain votes for:

  • Monthly contributor payments

  • Vesting streams for new contributors

Sushiswap Snapshot vote for SushiHOUSE, which will help the Sushi community diversify a portion of their $300M treasury.

Don’t forget, all Snapshot votes are gas-free.

Register to vote today.

👏 That’s all for this week!

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