Yam Brief 11: Welcome To The Neighbourhood Sushiswap!

SushiHOUSE, Spaceship and uSTONKS NFTs, and More!

🍠 Welcome to Yam DAO

Yam Finance is a Decentralised Autonomous Organization building innovative, accessible financial products. All decisions are made by YAM token holders, a passionate and welcoming community working and sharing the rewards together.

Yam is headlining three core products:

🧟 Degenerative.Finance: Innovative synthetic assets.
☂️ Umbrella: Broad insurance coverage to keep DeFi users safe.
🏠 DAO House: Treasury diversification solutions for decentralised communities.

Join the community Discord to learn how you can get involved today.

🚀 Growth

There’s now $5.9M locked in Degenerative.Finance, an 80% retention despite the bonus uSTONKS YAM rewards ending!

  • Number of Yam Hodlers: 6.9K-7.4k

  • @yamfinance Twitter Followers: 22.3K

  • Discord members: 8.6K-9.0k

  • Treasury: $8M (Up +$343,410)

📰 News

Thanks everyone for participating in our design competition to celebrate the addition of YAM to the COMETH L2 DEX.

Your YAM rockets were awesome! The winning fleet of NFTs to be included in COMETH’s space game will be announced shortly.

🔨 Updates


  • Degen V2 Website Progressing nicely

  • Don’t miss the Video Guides!

  • uGASMAR Settling


  • UI continuation

  • Arbitration tools evaluation, with a goal of maximising fairness

DAO House

  • SushiHOUSE vote passed and developments are moving forwards!

👥 Community

  • Weekly Community Call

This week Chandler from UMA joined to answer all our community’s questions. Find out why the UMA guys are so excited about our very own degenerative.finance, and what it’s been like working with the Yam core team!

  • Discord Spring Cleaning

    There have been a number of improvements made to the community Discord server, with a goal of making the user experience easier and more rewarding.

    If you’re not active in the community Discord you’re missing out!

    Aside from the forum, the Discord server is where all of the key conversations and developments take place, with the core team active every day of the week!

  • Updates:

    • CoinGecko Bot (use !p yam to check price)

    • social-media channel to share Yam relevant tweets

    • Restructured/removed channels for simplicity

🗳️ Governance

On-chain votes for:

  • Monthly contributor payments

  • Vesting streams for new contributors

Don’t forget, all Snapshot votes are gas-free.

Register to vote today.

👏 That’s all for this week!

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