Yam Brief 12: Yam & Sushiswap

Growing Together, sushiHOUSE, and limited edition NFTs

🍠 Welcome to Yam DAO

Yam Finance is a Decentralised Autonomous Organization building innovative, accessible financial products. All decisions are made by YAM token holders, a passionate and welcoming community working and sharing the rewards together.

Yam is headlining three core products:

🧟 Degenerative.Finance: Innovative synthetic assets.
☂️ Umbrella: Broad insurance coverage to keep DeFi users safe.
🏠 DAO House: Treasury diversification solutions for decentralized communities.

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📰 News


0xMaki joined the community call to celebrate sushiHOUSE going live!

STONKIES Distributed

All STONKIE NFTs have been distributed!

Make sure to join the community Discord and try out future degenerative.finance synthetics to not miss out on future drops!

Cometh Yam Spaceships

The winners of the YAM spaceship design were announced! Look out for a full announcement very shortly.

🔨 Updates


  • Degen V2 Website Teased on community call.

  • Launch preparations ongoing


  • Phenomenal UI progress

  • Arbitration continued

DAO House

👥 Community

  • Weekly Community Call

This week 0xMaki from Sushiswap joined to answer all our community’s questions and talk about what it’s been like working with Yam and DAO House.

If you missed it, don’t worry, the stream will be uploaded to Youtube shortly.

Make sure to attend next week’s call!

🗳️ Governance

Don’t forget, all Snapshot votes are gas-free.

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👏 That’s all for this week!

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