Yam Brief 14: $uPUNKS and Yam Synths

Plus Museum of Fine Yams NFTs!

🍠 Welcome to Yam DAO

Yam Finance is a Decentralised Autonomous Organization building innovative, accessible financial products. All decisions are made by YAM token holders, a passionate and welcoming community working and sharing the rewards together.

Yam is headlining three core products:

🧟 Yam Synths: Innovative synthetic assets.
☂️ Yam Protection: Coverage to keep DeFi users safe.
🏠 Yam Treasuries: Treasury diversification solutions for decentralized communities.

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📰 News

Yam Synths Launch Date

That’s right! Yam Synths is slated to launch NEXT WEEK!


$uPUNKS will be the first NFT synthetic to launch on Yam Synths!

Complete exposure to Crypto Punks NFT market activity on the all-new Yam Synths platform at the touch of a button.

Want to learn more?

Discord is the place for the latest updates as they happen.

Product Rebrand

The rebrand proposal passed!

Meet Yam Synths, Yam Protection, and Yam Treasuries.

Fine Yam NFTs

The Museum of Fine Yams introduced a brand new 1/1 NFT series.

Four community members who went beyond the call of duty to help the DAO grow will receive a unique NFT each.

We have huge plans for the Museum, coming to a metaverse near you soon.

Make sure to follow the Museum’s Twitter account for the latest details.

👥 Community

  • Community Call

    The next community call will take place Thursday 20th 17:00 UTC, hosted in the community Discord channel.

    You’re not going to want to miss this one.

🗳️ Governance

  • There are three active Snapshot votes.

Don’t forget, all Snapshot votes are gas-free.

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👏 That’s all for this week!

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