Yam Brief 18: Other Worlds

The First Ever Museum of Fine Yams Artist Exhibition Live in the Metaverse!

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🏛️ Museum of Fine YamsNFT drops and metaverse events.

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Other Worlds Artist Exhibition

On Thursday The Museum of Fine Yams hosted its first ever live metaverse artist exhibition!

Other Worlds featured @dielamaharanie and @gogoporen, two incredible artists.

Designer led a thought-provoking discussion engaging with the two artist’s work and the wider NFT space.

Missed the event? Don’t worry, the full recording will be live on YouTube!

You can also experience the metaverse gallery yourself!

uPUNKS Featured in Bankless!

Last week Bankless wrote a killer guide to getting CryptoPunk exposure with uPUNKS on Yam Synths!

Don’t forget, you can use uPUNKS to both long and short CryptoPunks, as well as hedge your existing NFT exposure!

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YIP 77: Bootstrapping Yam Fuse Pools

A gas-free Snapshot vote is now live, ending this Thursday.

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Check out the full community call with Rari Capital founder @jai_bhavnani !