Yam Brief 20: Anniversary Event!

Plus how to earn 37% APR farming uPUNKS!

🍠 Welcome to Yam DAO

Yam Finance is a Decentralised Autonomous Organization building innovative, accessible financial products. All decisions are made by YAM token holders, a passionate and welcoming community working and sharing the rewards together.

Yam is headlining four core products:

🧟 Yam Synths: Innovative synthetic assets.
☂️ Yam Protection: Coverage to keep DeFi users safe.
🏠 Yam Treasuries: Treasury diversification solutions for decentralized communities.
🏛️ Museum of Fine YamsNFT drops and metaverse events.

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Yam Anniversary Event

Happy Yam Anniversary everyone!

We’re celebrating with a live metaverse event this Thursday at 17:00 UTC.

We’re going to be joined by a panel of very special familiar faces, live music and much more!

Don’t miss out! Head to the community Discord today.


uPUNKS was covered in DeFiPulse!

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Cometh Liquidity Mining Live!

You can now stake YAM-MUST LP tokens on Cometh to earn more MUST!

Cometh is a scalable DEX using the Polygon sidechain, and we’re over the moon that our community can now trade YAM with low transaction fees!

Thank you to everyone!

Huge developments are underway at Yam DAO, and we have some very exciting big updates to share shortly regarding the Museum of Fine Yams. Stay tuned!

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